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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Agritourism Tropea (Italy)

Manitta Agritourism means rest and relax for every taste.

Manitta Agritourism situated in Tropea Calabria (Italy) will let you taste homemade products, breakfast and dinner with local products following the ancient Calabrian tradition. Peppe and Vera offer the opportunity to participate in agricultural activities such as harvesting, gathering olives, fruit and so on. Here you can visit the cellar where you can taste our local wine and grappa, and one time per week a tasting of farm products inside the cozy show cooking room.
The environment reserve beautiful walks among the olive trees, and the surrounding countryside, but also relax where people can spend pleasant moments outdoors.

Manitta agritourism near Tropea Capo Vaticano offers the opportunity to see various kind of animals such as horses, sheep, goats, donkeys, bees, pigs, and more.. and at the same time tasting our local products like : olive oil, homemade jam, red wine, homemade bread and pasta, honey, cheese etc..


Agriturismo Manitta
Via Provinciale Brattirò' di Drapia
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